Two years ago…

Let me take you back to March 2014,

Me and my friends went for a short trip to Krabi, Thailand. Neither of us have ever been there. So this is like our first virgin trip to Krabi. All the three of us was pretty stoked. We took Tiger Airways to and fro for this trip. (Because it was the cheapest flight there is.)

So when we arrived, we took a shuttle bus to our hotel. Our hotel was located at Aonang. IMG_1533_1024IMG_1528_1024

I’m sorry, but i can’t really remember how much does it cost for the shuttle bus trip to our hotel. But as far as we know, this shuttle bus will take you to any hotel that you’ve booked. So i have to say, its pretty much convenient. 🙂


Thus, we’ve reached our hotel. i have to say, I’m really loving the swimming pool area. We didn’t really get those room that are near to the swimming pool, i think it was call a Villa. But, our room is pretty much a decent one. And we’re loving it.


So after we’ve settle down, we went out in the evening for a quick bite. The very famous Thai’s banana pancake. It was the most delicious and tasty snack they ever have in Thailand. You can get these in Bangkok or in Phuket or in every part and city of Thailand, honestly. You’ll never regret. Along the shops area, we met few of those beautiful “ladies” apparently, if you want to take a photo with them, you need to pay. We manage to get away from paying, because we didn’t even know that we need to pay. hehe. That was close. You have to pay them for taking a photo with them, or they will get nasty with you. haha, just saying.

But before we went out in that evening, we manage to grab few good deals for our water adventure the next day. These shops that manage the good deals for the water adventures (island hopping and such) is just right in front of our hotel. Its pretty much very convenient!

So the next day…

We had breakfast that the hotel have provided us during our stay. Sorry i didn’t take a photo of the whole buffet area, but they really have a wide range of breakfast from toast, to eggs and sausages, to cereal and pancakes. Totally loving it!


After that, we went for a short walk to the beach area while grabbing the famous Thai Ice Milk Tea. Really compliment the whole weather and the drink was so delicious. So after we had our morning walk, we head back to our hotel and get ready for the water adventure that we’ve already sign up! really stoked!


So, as you can see, we are all geared up with our swimming costume and loads of sunscreen lotion on our face. We got on the boat and proceed to go for snorkelling! The wind, the water, the air, the sun and everything else, was magnificent. It was the best experience to stress free yourself. its just so peaceful honestly.


So we continue snorkelling every now and then in different locations. Im sorry but i can’t really remember which island is which, because I’m walking through with you and this was 2 years ago, I’m so sorry. But thank god i manage to keep all the photos still! yay!

After the whole afternoon of snorkelling and visiting other islands, the tour guide stopped us at one of the island for some dinner and sunset viewing!


As you can see, they did a small bbq for us on that island. it was fantastic, really. Plus, its all in the package! yay!

On the back to Aonang, it was pretty much a rough ride home. This is why.


The sky grew super super dark and there was a storm coming. It was a rough ride home because it was raining, the sea current was crazy making our boat going up and down. And if you have those sea sickness, this isn’t a good idea for you at all, really. It was pretty dark, you can’t even see what in front of you or you can’t even see where you’re heading too. Really. So the tour guide have to keep on going in really fast speed so that we can get away from the storm. BUT, APART FROM ALL OF THESE “NIGHTMARE”, i have to tell you. it was pretty much a great experience for myself and my friends. we totally loving it. apparently we are not even scared at all, we are basically laughing away in the boat while there was storm and heavy rain. hehe.

So don’t worry, we get back to the hotel safe and sound. we grab a bit of dinner and head to bed.

So these are just other photos that i manage to keep. IMG_1770_1024

We went to one of the spa which called: Emerald Pool. Spend the whole day there.


After that, we head back to the hotel to enjoy the swimming pool! yay!


at night, the last night of our stay, we went for dinner. theres plenty of these seafood restaurants which is HALAL by the way. pretty near to our hotel tho. plus we manage to grab a few more stuff along the way for a last minute shopping! the dinner was delicious and unbelievably cheap. it was the best!


That is how much my friend shop. and she really did shop a lot. hahaha.


So as we head to the Krabi Airport, we have to walk pass the runway to get to our plane. Mind you, the krabi airport is pretty small. so its just a short walk. it was pretty cool.

and at last…..


We’ve reached SINGAPORE, safe and sound. finally.

Krabi have to be one of our favourite place to go to. It is a place where you can chill and relax and still find fun doing all those water activity. We’ll definitely have to go back to Krabi again! Good food, good company!


(Sorry for the typos and grammatical error, peace! hehe)



It’s been far too long.


Its been ages since i upload a new update about my travels or myself. Honestly, the last update i’ve written here is about 2 years ago. Haha, yup..I know right?

I’ve been busy with work and adult life. It was pretty hectic for the past few years and also I don’t really have much time to update this blog of mine. But apart from all the hectic work life and busy schedules, I do have time to travel around just to kick off the stress. And also, I’ve been busy falling in love with this man name Shahrizan Salim. Hehe.

Anyway, let me guide you to what i’ve been doing for the past 2 years or so and what my upcoming plans are. So stay tune. (I promise you, this time is for real)