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This is me and my one and only best Chinese girlfriend, Weiny. We went out recently for a short meet up. Its been a long since we met (both of us are so busy!) and we had a great catch up session over our delicious dinner!

We can’t decide where we should have our dinner, so I did a bit of a research in Instagram and voila, we found a perfect place to dine in!

Introducing to you…. THE MAD SAILORS. (24 Haji Lane Singapore 189217)

(Sorry I didn’t take a photo of the cafe, cause we’re too excited to dine in! hehe)

So here are the menu and bits of the cafe!


We reached about 8pm and it wasn’t that crowded (thank god!) and prolly because we went on a weekday. The place was really cosy and it gave us this really relaxing and chilling vibe. Plus, there are live buskers near by and we can hear them perfectly and it’s really really nice honestly!

So we went and order our dinner. The lady that serves us is Hayley, (I know, because I stalk their Instagram hehe! @themadsailors) and she was incredibly friendly and very welcoming!

Check out our orders!



dsc02215Fish & Chips (Cod Fish)

dsc02216Just look at that!

dsc02219 And last but not least.. GRAVY TRAIN SARNIES (this was super super goooooood! )

Super awesome dinner we had and a great catch up session with Weiny. And we’re forever laughing like mad over dinner. Every single time! Haha.

After dinner, we went for a walk around Arab street to find the best cafes that sells the best desserts. Plus, there wasn’t much cafes left around at that hour because most of them is closing pretty soon. Then we found this…..

Ladies and gentlemen….. The Twenty Grammes Cafe (753 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198721)


As usual we can’t decide what we want, but all we know we want waffles! Plus they have the Sea Salt Caramel ice cream, so why not right?


And so we ordered, Smores Waffles with Sea Salt Caramel! Honestly, this was the perfect dessert to end our day! The waffles was so good, it was soft and fluffy. The marshmallow was burnt to perfection and the ice cream – my god the ice cream was everything! We just can’t stop eating it! Trust me, it took us less than 15 mins to savage that whole plate of waffles! It was that good! It really is, trust me!


We know things gonna get pretty serious, so we took ton of photos before it was too late!


And there you have it. The perfect dinner plus dessert and a whole bunch of jokes with a good old friend to end the day!


Till next time folks!


Cups & Canvas Cafe

The other day, I was with my friend went out for dinner and cafe hunting. Apparently, its a Public Holiday (Vesak Day) in Singapore and not much choice to choose around. Thus, we decide to take a walk to Selegie Road.

This cafe that was located along the street of Selegie Road. We saw this cafe a few times but didn’t went in to dine before. And so, that day was the day that we tried the food and coffee for the first time.

The cafe itself is dedicated to artists or painters who loves to draw and drink coffee at the same time. Its like a heaven on earth for painters to chill in the quiet yet relaxing environment. And not only that, they also able to portray their artwork to the public.


Cups and Canvas

Cups and Canvas
Cups and Canvas


These are the artworks of many painters who came here to paint while dining in to have a coffee and such. Their artwork are placed here so that the customers from the cafe are able to see it.

Cups and Canvas
Cups and Canvas

At certain days of the week, this Cups and Canvas cafe provide painting lessons to the public whom wants to learn how to draw like a professional. I love how the cafe have this open mindset and expose themselves and their cafe to customers by providing art lessons to the public.



The staffs was incredibly friendly. We were warmly greeted as we sat in to dine and order food.

Cups and Canvas
Cups and Canvas

And so, we decide to get ourselves some dinner and also desserts.

Iced Hazelnut Latte, Ice Roasted Almonds Latte, Fish & Chips, Sticky Date cake.

Cups and Canvas
Cups and Canvas

All was splendid and the food was delicious. Apparently the Sticky Date Cake wasn’t at all sticky. But above all, this cafe sure to provide the customers the sense of need to come back for more.  I love this cafe!


Cafe Coffee Valley @ Jalan Trus

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 presetJalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru

That night when my friend and I was at Johore Bahru, Malaysia. We were all hype up about cafe hopping and to try some of the cafes there. Apparently, the one we looking for ( Faculty of Caffeine) is closed on Mondays. (boo-hoo) Therefore, we look around to find anymore coffee shops that we can dine in. Thus, our search isn’t in vain, we found Coffee Valley.



It was a small cafe with friendly staffs with a twist of modern and vintage look.

And so, I ordered a Hazelnut Mocha which cost about 9.90RM (S$3.80) And I couldn’t help staring at the cute teddy bear that they made into a latte art.

Cafe Hopping at Johore Bahru, Malaysia
Cafe Hopping at Johore Bahru, Malaysia

And my friend order a whole set meal that consist of a egg sandwich, waffles ice cream and a cup of hot lemon tea. This cost about 16RM (S$6)

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

That’s what i love about Johore Bahru, Malaysia. They serve good food plus its cheap.

Anyway, we will definitely be back for more coffee and cute teddy bears at Coffee Valley!